Author: Rachael Amato

i need to buy Pregabalin Cece Xie is a trailblazer, a Harvard-educated lawyer and leader of a new generation of people in the legal business who understand how to harness the power of social media and use it for social good.Cece’s TikTok page, launched as a fun pandemic project, has garnered over 5 million likes, with several of her posts having gone viral. We discuss not only her work on social media, but the future of the billable hour, how more innovation can come to legal education, and where this all goes from here.

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buy stromectol online uk Samir Patel is a Miami-based lawyer at Holland & Knight. As a leader and influencer in the new generation of tech-savvy lawyers, Samir has been involved in the crypto world for close to a decade.Samir joins us to explain everything you could possibly want to know about NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and their application to music, art, and sports collectibles.

Read More Aaron Emery is a lifelong student of BBQ and the founder of Old Road BBQ. Having helped many businesses attain BCorp certification in his previous work, Aaron has taken his passion for conscious capitalism and slow-grilled meats and made it his life’s work.We discuss the reality of running and pivoting a food business during a global pandemic and how there is a lot of hope for the future when you are open to evolve.

Read More In the final episode of Season 1, our guest is Emily Orchard – the Assistant Dean, Graduate Programs, at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law.Propelled by Emily’s leadership, the law school has built some truly innovative programs, including their very successful GPLLM (Global Professional Master of Laws), a graduate program that brings together lawyers and non-lawyers to look at issues such as innovation and technology. We discuss the legal education landscape and what may become a new normal in how lawyers are educated.

Read More Emmanuelle Chaze is Berlin-based TV political journalist and TV reporter for Deutsche Welle and France 24. A highly-regarded voice in the European news world, Emmanuelle also wrote a book, From Berlin to Lesbos: A diary of the refugee crisis, 2015-2016, about her work with refugees in Berlin.We discuss the elusive Rule of Law and the prospect for a 2021 recovery for a world caught in a perfect storm of the rising Right and a global pandemic.

Read More This week it was my pleasure to talk with Keith Powell and Ricky Robinson, co-founders of C-Crets, a career advice platform offering career coaching services, online courses, and topical content through blogs and a podcast.We discuss a critically important topic: How can young people – especially people of color and from underrepresented groups – maximize their chances of a successful career as a lawyer or other legal professional.Truly a can’t-miss episode for any law student or associate.

Read More Peter Carayiannis is the award-winning founder and CEO of Conduit Law, a law firm that has pioneered the growing market of flexible and On Demand® legal services.He is also, along with our show’s host, Aron Solomon, co-founder of Mission Watch Company, a watch microbrand launched in 2017 and soon to release their third watch.Peter shares his design philosophy as both a legal and product designer, and gives his answer to the question “Why do so many lawyers love watches?”

Read More Michael is recognized as one of the top personal injury and medical malpractice lawyers in the United States, and is the founder of The Epstein Law Firm, P.A.A graduate of Harvard Law School with deep roots in his home state of New Jersey, Michael discusses his lifelong support of the New York Knicks, how he nurtured his love of wine and watches, and offers superb counsel to the new generation of lawyers.

Read More Mark Zohar is an internationally-recognized expert on trends. Mark was the founder of TrendSpottr, a company he built and exited. Having made an impact as an entrepreneur in many verticals, he is now the President and COO of Viafoura, the leading audience engagement and content moderation platform for over 600 brands around the world.In this episode, Mark and I discuss many issues, including the nature of trends and how lawyers need to understand and influence them.

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