Author: Rachael Amato

By Aron Solomon In the lawsuit over the massively popular game Fortnite, it’s easy for people to take sides based on our attachment to it. Here we are in May, and Epic v. Apple, the court battle between Epic and Apple has begun in the United Staes District Court for the Northern District of California. The factual background that you need to know to understand this case is less complicated than you would imagine. Epic has a massively popular game called Fortnite that has earned more than $10 billion. After Apple removed Fortnite in 2020 from its iOS App Store (Android did…

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By Aron Solomon If you were longing to see the day that Charlie Kirk and Robert Reich fundamentally agreed on a critically important issue, you’re in luck. The US Supreme Court should overturn the Facebook’s “Oversight Board’s” “ruling” which upholds the outlawing of the 45th President of the United States from social media.This is a big tech, corporate oligarchy without standing and it’s gone too far. Enough is enough.— Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) May 5, 2021 Facebook’s “Supreme Court” made right decision in keeping the former guy off the platform, but I can’t help worry about the political power of Facebook.—…

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By Aron Solomon Boston Dynamics’ robot “dogs,” or similar versions thereof, are already being employed by police departments in Hawaii, Massachusetts and New York. Partly through the veil of experimentation, few answers are being given by these police forces about the benefits and costs of using these powerful surveillance devices. The American Civil Liberties Union, in a position paper on CCOPS (community control over police surveillance), proposes an act to promote transparency and protect civil rights and liberties with respect to surveillance technology. To date, 19 U.S. cities have passed CCOPS laws, which means, in practical terms, that virtually all other communities…

Read More George Simons is the CEO and co-founder of Solo Suit, one of the hottest new legal tech startups in the world. Solo Suit prepares a response to a debt collection lawsuit and instructs you on how to fileZach Posner is the Managing Partner and co-founder of The LegalTech Fund, which invests in legal technology companies – including their investment in Solo Suit – seeking to transform the world.

Read More Angela is THE American in Paris. Having lived in the French capital for the last dozen years, Angela is an important voice in the startup, advertising, and creative worlds. Angela co-founded the esports agency, co-authored Generation Creation, and is responsible for the superb Reinventions series on Muse by CLIO, where she is a founding contributor.We discuss everything from the uniqueness of French swear words to the intersection of people, place, and era in bullding innovation collisions.

Read More Erik is a Stanford Law School graduate who has spend the past decade doing several deep-dives as an entrepreneur. His new venture, Pantheon, is a fitness and wellness app designed for teams – the first social fitness game.Erik and I discuss his hometown of beautiful El Paso (we even play an El Paso trivia game), and how Silicon Valley and tech has become far more generic than it was ever intended to be.

Read More Dan Magnuszewski is the co-founder & CTO of ACV Auctions, a Buffalo company that just had a very successful IPO.When not building billion-dollar unicorns that are the pride of Buffalo and all other small (read “not Silicon Valley”) cities across the nation, Dan is a Porsche fanatic, loves great coffee Bills football. This episode is truly a must for any entrepreneur.

Read More Brian Inkster is a lawyer and legal blogger based in Scotland. Through The Time Blawg, Brian expresses his views on the past, present and future practice of law. I sat down with Brian to discuss his coverage of some of the most pressing issues in legal innovation today, specifically the demise of Atrium and the puzzling rise of Clubhouse.

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